BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS– Two international film festivals have joined forces, forming a creative partnership designed to broaden their programming and operations.

After a meeting on Block Island, the Block Island Film Festival and the Barbados Independent Film Festival agreed to the formation of a partnership that will involve sharing programming and other resources to benefit their operations and creative endeavors with the aim of expanding their global audiences. Both are island-based film festivals held on resort destinations with engaged, year-round residents who appreciate the arts and culture.

The film festivals attract hundreds of talented filmmakers and film lovers annually, hosting an assortment of programs in various, historical landmark venues.

“We are thrilled about forging a partnership with the Barbados Independent Film Festival, which operates with similar sensibilities and dedication in showcasing, and promoting the work of talented global filmmakers,” said Cassius Shuman, Founder and Executive Director of the Block Island Film Festival. “Jennifer Smith and Sir Trevor Carmichael have created a successful, and well-respected operation. They are great stewards of the art of filmmaking, education and entertainment, demonstrating a track record for bringing unique talent to their venue. We believe this partnership will bolster the programming and infrastructure of both film festivals, creating an opportunity to reach a more expansive, and diverse global audience.”

“The opportunity for the Barbados Independent Film Festival to expand its reach and creative output through this association with the Block Island Film Festival is very exciting,” said BIFF Co-Founder and Co-Director Sir Trevor Carmichael. “There are many obvious and not so obvious connections between our Festivals and we look forward to broadening our respective horizons through this collaboration.”

The Barbados Independent Film Festival will be held January 14 – 19 in 2020, while the Block Island Film Festival will be held June 15 – 20 of 2020.

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