About Us

The Barbados Independent Film Festival (BIFF) is a registered charity. BIFF provides a platform for the pressing issues of our time from sociocultural to environmental issues by listening to those most affected and building a community of inclusivity and regeneration. The festival also celebrates subaltern and indigenous narratives from Barbadian and regional filmmakers.

BIFF was originally founded in 2016 by Jennifer Smith and Sir Trevor Carmichael to celebrate the opening of the newly built The Walled Garden Theatre at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. Since then it has expanded to venues across the island and introduced the annual collaboration grant, as well as very popular events such as Cine Cuisine, our Gala Night and Shorts On the Beach and most recently, Southern Palms and The Pink Church. Both the Walled Garden Film Festival Trust and the Walled Garden Theatre Trust are tax-exempt, charitable trusts.

The Barbados Film Festival Trust (WGBFFT) was formed in tandem with the creation of the Walled Garden Theatre Trust – whose mission is to support the conservation and restoration of the Barbados Museum and Garrison District (UNESCO world heritage sites) and invigorate them through the arts. The WGBFFT mission is to manage the Festival and initiatives that support arts, education and the link between environmental degradation and the human condition.

In 2022, a dynamic voluntary working board were appointed, who all collectively and actively commit their resources and time to this important festival. We celebrate resilience and our capacity to overcome adversity. Barbados and BIFF is holding space for these stories to be heard.